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No one, human or nonhuman, should ever suffer at the hands of anyone who wrongfully claims superiority over another sentient life. Intentional acts of violence against any species’ right to coexist in harmony not only invalidate our moral character as a progressive civilized population but also catapults our society back into a past filled with primordial savagery. Rationalizing any acts of bloodshed in the name of vanity, power, and/or greed negates our evolved status. Mankind’s character must exhibit compassion and moral decency as we walk alongside our nonhuman animal cousins and not trample on their very existence.  If we are to truly reaffirm humankind as one of decency and intellect, then we must respect cognitive differences while recognizing and adapting to every being’s purpose and worth on this planet.

This site was predicated on the belief that animals (human, domestic, farm and wildlife alike) are entitled to a loving environment and quality of life and must be protected under the law.  We are diverse and actively support activism and education, through any means we deem appropriate, legitimate and necessary, while soliciting total humanity across the country.


noun  spe·cies·ism \spē-shēz-i-zəm, -sēz-\

1:  prejudice or discrimination based on species; especially :  discrimination against animals

2:  the assumption of human superiority on which speciesism is based

~Merriam -Webster

“Show me a human who exhibits NO diversity in their character and I’ll show you the weakest link in human evolution…” V. Mezzatesta



Letter from the Founder....

To Whom it May Concern:

Yes, I am one of those bunny-hugging, squirrel-smooching, and deer-loving humans you cuss out loud or under your breath about on any given day. I am that person who made you lose perhaps five minutes of your day while following behind me because I simply chose to cautiously drive down that dark and remote country road, so as to not intentionally hit a defenseless deer, rabbit, opossum, or any of our animal cousins that may be trotting across the unlit stretch of the roadway just to find an undisturbed haven to forage and thrive in. No worries though, you will have your selfish opportunities in the very near future to shorten his/her life again, which I so passionately attempted to preserve and protect.

It will be that fateful day; you will again get frustrated and hurriedly zoom on by me. I will become expressively broken up, seeing another innocent life, lying dead on the side of the roadway because you without any regard carelessly plow over them. You are one of those self-proclaimed humans voicing superiority above all creatures. Those manmade roadways were solely created for you, while other less important species are revered as nothing more than a nuisance trekking across them.

Perhaps, it will be another day I drive by seeing you throw a ridiculous tantrum in front of your busted headlights and/or dented hood of your most revered inanimate object. You cherish that $30,000+ metal inanimate machine far more than a sentient life that crossed your roadway when it was you who nonchalantly chose to race down those densely forest-lined back roads, clearly designed for much slower speeds. The fault never lies on you. Your priorities outweigh nonhuman animals who leisurely run through the diminutive segment of the forest you left for his/her kind. If truth is known, they are only “things” and not living beings to you.

Or lastly… just maybe I’m that same moron you take pleasure in criticizing any given day, who makes a conscious effort to save another life for you to aggressively kill off during your much-loved hunting season. You impatiently waited all year for the fall months to get out and shoot down as many animals as you could to happily trot on down to your local taxidermy to stuff and preserve; to forever remind you and your other apathetic, human predators of your great tracking and hunting skills it took to kill such a beautiful creature. And let’s not forget those moments of egoistical preservations of your warrior feat; those cherished photos you will soon have in your portfolio to post all over social media of you posing so proud in front of your triumphant kill! Let’s not forget all those bragging rights you will proudly post with one breath detailing your fine hunt and another of how beautiful he was right before you viciously shot them down with no regard for his existence!

I, along with my many animal rights advocates want to express our deepest dismay at your careless, inhumane, apathetic, and incomprehensible attitude toward other sentient living beings.


Your humanitarian adversary




Turpentine Creek Refuge

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