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Don't leave them out...

of your holiday festivities. They’ve been there patiently through all your trials and tribulations the entire year round…even when you ignored them on occasion, they wagged frantically and let you know they still love you

in the cold… You wouldn’t want to be stuck out there either. What if it was you shivering from the cold and rain. Provide safe and adequate shelter for those animals that ask very little in return.

on a chain…Solitary confinement, either on a chain or in a crate for extended periods create undesirable behavior patterns. Dogs (and Cats) do have feelings and they can be mentally and physically harmed when chained and/or crated for long periods of time.

Dumped alongside the road or abandoned. You took in this defenseless creature, promised to give him/her a home and as soon as your situation changes…he or she is the FIRST to be abandoned. Please consider them as an extension, not a liability to your family. Puppies grow up and suddenly the “cuteness” goes away or they become more of responsibility than one perceived. You wouldn’t “leap” into adopting a child so why do that when adopting a new furry-legged friend?

and not report abuse when you see it. It is ALL our responsibilities to report and prevent abuse. If you see or suspect abuse, PLEASE report the incident to Animal Control! If they find it was not a situation of abuse, you still took the precaution and was a watchful and caring citizen. Animal abuse is many times a precursor to other abuses so DON’T let it go unreported!

In an open bed of a pickup truck unsecured or unprotected from the elements. There are specific regulations as to how a dog should be tethered in a pickup truck. By following those guidelines, your best friend won’t be injured or thrown from the vehicle…or worse, killed by another driver. You may be a “safe” driver but the other guy is not! Plus, a “safe” driver would not allow his best friend be subjected to such dangers. Not only is it unsafe…it is against city ordinances to have a dog improperly placed in the back of a pickup truck! Animal Control can help you with the proper techniques of tethering your dog safely. They have all the details if you just call them. Report others that break these laws as well!

Of your social calendar. You entertain the entire guest that arrives for the holidays but we tend to forget our animals during the time of additional guests in the house. Many times, the dog is “put out” while the other” non-permanent” guest come in. If your guest are allergic or cannot manage with your best friend there…then take some separate time out and spend it with your companion! He did no wrong folks! He came to your family in hopes of finding true companionship and love…not a temporary fix from some loneliness until someone else comes around! Dog (and Cats) really do show love and loyalty and if given a real change, they will be a joy throughout the year and not just a seasonal commodity!

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