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You can't rationalize Stupidity!

You can’t rationalize stupidity…

I can’t count how many times an individual approached me and starts a conversation with “I thought about you, …” when the next segment of the monologue refers to a neglectful, apathetic, and or cruel incident that either they or another person has committed against another living being and failed to realize the impact on their rights to thrive and exist alongside humans.

When one species [human] who professes to be master of all other defenseless living beings boasts and sensationalizes the systematic eradication of an “assumed” lesser developed creature, we have lost all humanity and intelligence status as a progressively developed human society. To take our arsenal of high power, technically advanced weaponry and use it on a creature that has no ability to defend themselves against this oppression, we have shown a cowardly stance and should not be proclaiming our acts as humanitarian. And, oh by the way, they [nonhuman animals] weren’t looking for you in the first place. We aggressively went into their domain and hunted them down, predators and prey alike. We have resorted to using a proverbial AED to kill an ant when we aren’t even killing that ant to survive. We routinely hunt down any living creature to simply brag to another how “beautiful” their head looks on the wall or extraordinary they look stuffed and placed on display in our cinderblock shrines. As a bonus, you further show your apathy to that creature’s existence by talking amongst your friends for

days on end how exciting it was to track down and slaughter them with your inflated egos. The lions, bears, elephants, deer or even wild boar you shoot down professing it was to “rid your town of a nuisance” has become a popular excuse to clear your consciences. Some may hunt to survive but in reality, so few individuals are actually feeding their starving family members as perhaps in lesser developed and evolved times in our past. Today’s society wants to continuously hide behind an excuse to rack up numbers of kills they have achieved in a given season.

We encroached upon our natural environment so heavily by developing networks of housing and industries that we have built up a justification in our mind that “all these creatures are overpopulating and threatening our communities.” What about how we have affected theirs? We forgot … our own country has historically kicked out lesser developed human societies because they were also “in the way of progress.” So are we bored or so superior in our mind that we decided humans have the right to go after yet another species we find unsuitable to thrive alongside our kind. Did we become evolved enough to realize enslaving other human beings was in fact barbaric and inhumane that we now have to find yet another species we can delegate in our brains to challenge our savage nature. No we have another species as inferior so let’s pick on the nonhuman animal who are voiceless, defenseless and unable to express their opposition to being slaughtered. Hitting closer to home, it is clear we believe the wildlife in our countryside has become nothing but a pest and do not belong in our dwindling forested communities we have left. I’m not going to believe the deer that crossed the road in your path of your $50,000 Mercedes intentionally contrived in his/her mind the night before to run out there that morning in hopes to destroy you and your expensive car was a vengeful plot against the human race. That several tons of metal was not on his/her agenda when all that living being wanted to do is… walk across to forage at another location that morning. We take out all their natural prey or environment for them to thrive and we have now deemed them “disposable property’; a life who has less value than a inanimate object because that car has a monetary value that trumps the value of another sentient being.

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