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We are concerned with welfare issues in many realms, Some include and are not limited to:


  • Domestic/Companion and Wild animals and the harmonious coexistence with mankind

  • Any Animals being abused and exploited; in testing, research/education, entertainment, sport & work

  • In each of these areas , we are pushing for stronger laws while educating people in relation to improving society’s view regarding the appropriate treatment of animals.

  • Banning unsanctioned Breeding

  • Promoting Rescue, Wildlife Rehabilitations and Release

  • Support Adoption over Buying/Breeding

  • Domestic, Farm and Wildlife "Right-to-Life" initiatives

  • Suport the banning of Circuses, Entertainment/ media platforms and sporting venues that exploit nonhuman animals for human profit, power and vanity that disregard nonhuman welfare



Protecting the World’s Most Defenseless

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